How Much Does a Mobile Crane Operator Make?

How Much Does a Mobile Crane Operator Make Diamond Rigging and Crane Baytown Tx

Between 2024 and 2032, the demand for mobile crane operators has an anticipated increase of 6.9% annually. With this increase, their average salary will also increase. Mobile crane operators have a vital role in various industries including construction, mining, manufacturing, and energy. Their highly competitive salary is also a result of their extensive training and earning an NCCCO Certification. 

As a result of this variety in industry, crane operators are in high demand in today’s economy. According to a 2024 study, a trained mobile crane operator in the United States makes an average of $52,884 a year. However, in our experience, we’ve witnessed certified crane operator’s annual salaries ranging from $90,000 to $120,000.

What is a Mobile Crane Operator?

A mobile crane operator is a skilled professional who operates and maneuvers mobile cranes. These are essential heavy machinery used in construction, shipping, and manufacturing sites. Their expertise is crucial for hoisting materials onto high-rise structures and loading cargo onto ships. Without a skilled mobile crane operator, many projects would stall and face costly delays, impacting overall productivity.

The Demand for Mobile Crane Operators

There are several reasons why there is a growing demand for mobile crane operators. This demand is due to two areas in constant growth: Population and Economy.

An Increasing Need for New Development 

With an ever-growing population, urban development poses a huge market for crane operators. Residential, commercial, and infrastructure construction will continue to grow as well. Anything from homes to roads will drive high demand for crane operators.

The growing population also has an increasing need for energy. The oil and gas industry will continue to be an essential part of society. With it, crane operators are integral in keeping the population both safe and running.

An Increasing Need for Maintenance and Re-Builds

Projects needing mobile crane operators are on the rise with a developing and growing economy. These projects require skilled crane operators to ensure the safety of their projects and manage the difficulty of moving heavy equipment. 

Some of these projects include the rebuilding and maintenance of infrastructure. Highways, bridges, and other transportation systems are in a constant state of wear and tear. This means that with more vehicles on the road, the transportation system always needs repair or preventative maintenance. 

Training for Mobile Crane Operators

Because of the many projects and the diversity in the needs each project has, operators must be expertly trained. Not only are crane operators dealing with heavy machinery, but they are also transporting expensive and difficult materials. Each operator must be comfortable in the environment and be able to stay calm under pressure.

Anyone with a high school education or a GED can become an operator. Whether you are newly graduated or looking for a career change, becoming an operator is obtainable and affordable. At Diamond Rigging and Crane, we are also proud to offer the best training programs to veterans through the GI Bill. 

Because of the extensive training, the annual salary for mobile crane operators is highly competitive and anticipated to rise. However, the NCCCO Certification is what takes an operator to the next level. This certification opens the doors for career advancement opportunities and a salary increase.

What is an NCCCO Certification and Why Should I Get It?

NCCCO stands for National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. An NCCCO Certification is a prestigious credential that represents proficiency and commitment to safety. Obtaining an NCCCO Certification involves rigorous training, comprehensive examinations, and ongoing education to ensure operators exceed industry standards. 

This certification covers various types of cranes, including mobile, tower, overhead, and articulating cranes, offering versatility in the crane operator job market. Employers often prioritize candidates with NCCCO Certification due to its recognition as a mark of competence and reliability. By investing in NCCCO Certification, crane operators enhance their career prospects, contribute to safer worksites, and improve industry standards.

How much of a salary can the NCCCO Certification lead to? Because of the high demand and high profile jobs, the best operators can summit $300,000 annually. These operators stand out in their prioritization of safety standards with handling heavy materials.

Is it Time to Switch Careers?

The short answer: Yes! It begins by enrolling in an NCCCO Certified course, offered right here at Diamond Rigging and Crane (DRC). At DRC, becoming a mobile crane operator is affordable and takes only a few weeks of training. 

After completing this training, you will take the NCCCO certification exam. This certification lasts five years and allows you to start immediately after graduation. Register for one of our training courses today!

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