Is it Hard to be a Crane Operator?

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Have you wondered whether it is difficult to be a crane operator? Being a crane operator can be an equally challenging and rewarding position. Because it carries various risks, it’s important to know what issues to look for and train adequately. Learn whether it is hard to be a crane operator and whether it’s the next step in your construction career.

Crane Operator Requirements

A crane operator is responsible for lifting and moving materials, often at a construction site, safely. There are many types of cranes to learn to operate and each one may have different or unique requirements. These may include:

  • Physical Demands: In many cases, operators must stand for long hours at a time. They also are often exposed to outdoor elements like the sun, wind, and even rain.
  • Mental Demands: Operators are put in high-pressure situations almost daily. This means that operators must have intent focus skills, an innate attention to detail, and the ability to make quick decisions.

While these requirements can make the job demanding, nearly anyone can become a crane operator thanks to the availability of rigorous training and ongoing education. At Diamond Rigging and Crane, our certified trainers teach you how to handle the complexities of operating different types of mobile cranes safely.

Useful Crane Operator Qualities

There are several skills a crane operator needs to operate construction equipment and other heavy loads. To help demonstrate just how hard it is to be a crane operator, we have made a list of important qualities for your consideration.

Attention to Detail

When lifting thousands of pounds, it is important to be able to notice even the tiniest thing that could go wrong. Being aware of your surroundings is important, especially in a giant crane, where operators must notice if something around them were to change. Even something like the wind can affect the placement of the material. Without this attention to detail, someone could get seriously injured or a project could be delayed

Communication Skills

Like attention to detail, a communication error could cause someone to get hurt. There is no room to misunderstand what the instructions are. On the other hand, if someone misunderstands the operator, things could end up just as detrimental. Sometimes this requires overcommunicating so that crane operators know how to perform successfully..

Spatial Awareness

This might seem obvious, but having spatial awareness is key in the crane industry a crane operator misjudges the distance between the material they are lifting and the place it is being set down, it could have a terrible result. For an operator, being able to imagine how pieces fit together is a good quality to have. If puzzles have come easily to you in the past, a career in crane operation may be the right fit for you.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

Can you work under pressure? While operating a crane, many people may be watching and there may be many outside influences you cannot control. If something goes wrong, it may cost someone their life. A crane operator must be able to make the best and safest decision no matter how much pressure there is.

Training and Certification

Are you considering a career in crane operation? Have extensive knowledge in various construction environments? We understand what it is like to work in the field and train the highest-quality operators in the industry.

One essential part of any crane operator training is the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) certification. A crane operator’s NCCCO certification is recognized across the industry and is highly sought after. It ensures that you are qualified and ready to take on the biggest projects. Whether it is tower cranes, jib cranes, crawler cranes, or many others, having an NCCCO certification will allow you to work on various projects using a multitude of equipment. 

Once you’ve completed training, becoming a crane operator can pay off. In our experience, a certified crane operator’s annual salary can range from $90,000 to $120,000 and is expected to increase in the coming years. In addition, crane operators also have the opportunity to grow expertise in a wide variety of industries, including residential, commercial, and transportation.

Work With Cranes

Being a crane operator isn’t an easy job, but the rewards are immense. Between a high starting salary and the potential to continue to grow into larger roles in the workforce, becoming a crane operator is a career worth pursuing. We recommend pursuing formal training, developing essential skills, and prioritizing safety as you move forward in your career.

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