What is a Lattice Boom Crane?

What is a Lattice Boom Crane Diamond Rigging and Crane

There are many different kinds of cranes that you will learn to use in our crane training courses. For example, some cranes are mobile cranes, able to move around a job site, while others are fixed cranes and can only stay in one spot. Each has different use cases in the construction industry and requires specialized understanding to operate. Let’s review one of the largest types of mobile cranes, the lattice boom crane.

In addition to being the largest type of mobile crane, the lattice boom crane is most easily recognized for its W or V lattice shape. This design is beneficial because it decreases the total weight of the crane while still providing maximum support for heavy loads. 

What are Boom Cranes?

A lattice boom crane is a type of boom crane. Boom cranes stand out against other kinds of cranes because they have 360-degree mobility. This means they can go up or down, back or forth, right or left. The “boom” part of the name is the lifting equipment, simply put. 

It is usually an attachment of a fixed or hydraulic metal arm that attaches to the suspended cable. The boom is one of the largest parts of the cranes

Parts of a Lattice Boom Crane

While the boom is the largest part of the crane, other parts of the lattice boom crane include:

  • Crawlers: It is also called the lattice boom crawler crane. Crawlers are a track that the crane sits on to move from place to place. They are comparable to the wheels on a car. 
  • Hoist: The hoist is what moves the crane up and down.
  • Cab: The cab of the lattice boom crane is where the operator sits.
  • Sheaves: Sheaves are what make up the pulley system to hold the wire ropes.
  • Wire ropes: The wire ropes extend to latch onto objects.

Why Learn How to Operate a Lattice Boom Crane?

Being able to operate a lattice boom crane is essential to get into the competitive industry of construction. These types of cranes are specifically used for a vast array of kinds of projects including tall building projects and projects where there is a lot of space to cover. 

Another reason to learn to operate a lattice boom crane is because they are in high demand because of their extreme mobility and stability. The tread on these cranes spreads the weight along the ground, causing them to have a low center of gravity. This means that a lattice boom crane can lift weights of 90 to 700 tons depending on the size of the individual crane.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Lattice Boom Cranes Used For?

Because this type of crane is versatile, large, and mobile, it has a wide variety of jobs which it might be used for. Primarily, these jobs include tall building projects due to the need for increased mobility and the ability to lift heavier loads which lattice boom cranes offer. 

They are also used to erect wind turbines.

Lattice Boom Crane Safety Concerns

Safety is the top priority when using lattice boom cranes like any kind of crane. Operators need proper training to handle the equipment safely. Regular checks and maintenance are crucial to keep the crane in good condition. Operators must follow load limits and use correct rigging techniques. Checking weather and ground conditions is also important before lifting. 

By focusing on safety, accidents can be prevented, and everyone can work safely. Thankfully, lattice boom cranes are known for being a safe kind of crane thanks to their mobility and low center of gravity.

Learn to Operate a Lattice Boom Crane

If you are interested in being a crane operator, being trained to operate a lattice boom crane is essential. At our training center, we are certified to teach you everything about these unique and powerful kinds of cranes. 

We currently offer a 40-hour course focused on Lattie Boom Cranes. The rigger, signal, small crane, and large crane are necessary prerequisites and are also offered here at Diamond Rigging and Crane. Once you pass the course, you’ll be nationally NCCCO-certified and ready to start your career!

Contact us today to begin training toward operating the lattice boom crane.

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